Dear Chevra,

My condolences to us all in so many countries that Reb David Zeller, z'tl travelled.

Reb Dovid was so humble, that I thought he came only to us in Los Angeles... The most wonderful people, now dear friends, would come and listen and learn from Rabbi Zeller.

May Reb Dovid Zeller’s family, wife, Hannah Sarah, children, and sister, be comforted by the Compassionate One, among all mourners of Zion and Yerushalayim. May Reb Dovid's loved ones, and chevra find the strength, given by the Holy One, to endure these difficult, sad, heavy, mourning days. With the brokenness in your hearts, may the Divine One have easy entry to help heal your heart.

May Reb Dovid’s sweet, gentle neshama soar and have an easy and sweet aliyah, ascending and expanding to a very high place awaiting him in Sh’mayim / heaven and G*d’s Greatness. May his soul find complete peaceful rest and niggunim to nourish him where the veils of the universe are no longer, with the Master of the Universe / Rebbono Shel Olam. May Reb Dovid be welcomed by the angels, whom he mirrored, and by his holy teachers, Shlomo, z'l, Rebbe Nachman and the Ba'al Shem Tov. I see Reb Dovid as a messenger from us, lining the womb of the heavens with vibrational sweetness for future birthings from below.

Ner Hashem Nishmat Ha’Adam.” The light of the Compassionate One is the soul of the human being. "In Your Light Do I see Light." I even wore a t-shirt with this quote because of your song.

Reb Dovid exemplified the light of the Source of All BlesSings. He shined, bringing it all down to us to receive and to shine light back into the universe. Rebono Shel Olam must have mamash needed a powerful messenger of light, that at Mount Sinai Hashem kissed and took back Reb Dovid's neshama to shine from a higher place. May Reb Dovid's legacy of his spiritual teachings, stories, goodness, compassion, sweetness, and his angelic music bring solace to us all and fill our hearts as we send love to Reb Dovid, z'tl as his soul's journeys continue higher and higher.

Reb Dovid, as you know, I was Divinely guided to you, and you were my first gevaldt rebbe, bringing me to chevra that I love. You taught me to "Return to the Land of my Soul", and with some "happies". You and your song helped me to survive when "Sometimes it's not so easy." I am grateful to you. "I listen to my heart's song", and you are in my heart.

You don't need a "watch on your wrist" any longer. You are always on G*d's time. "Oh, Go In Beauty, You Are A BlesSing of the Universe."

I love you.
Joy Krauthammer
Friday 22nd of June 2007

Chevra, I wish that I could be with you in the Holy Land at the Shloshim. Bring my love, my lev with you. My heart is so heavy.
~  ~ ~

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